How to create an Office 365 admin account

  1. In the M365 Admin centre (, click Users > Active users.

    Alt text

  2. Click Add a user.

    Alt text

  3. Set up the basics with the following information:

    • First name: Cultrix
    • Last name: Admin
    • Display name: Cultrix Admin
    • Username: cultrix_admin
    • Domains:[your primary domain]
      • cultrix_admin@[your domain].com
    • Click Next


  4. Select 'Create user without product license' and then select Next.


  5. Under Optional settings:

    • Expand Roles
    • Select Admin center access
    • Select Global Administrator
    • Click Next

    Alt text

  6. Under Review and finish, confirm all details are accurate and click Finish adding.


  7. Take a note of the temporary password and provide it to your Cultrix engineer.
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