Resetting OneDrive for Mac

End OneDrive processes

The first thing you want to do is end all of the running OneDrive processes. In Finder, Applications, Utilities: Activity Monitor.

Reset OneDrive - Activity Monitor

You may actually see two instances of OneDrive listed if you are running both a Personal and Business version. Just highlight by clicking on each one and click on the X icon at the top. You are prompted to “Quit” or “Force Quit” the item. I would try using Quit first. If OneDrive doesn’t close, try Force Quit.

Delete OneDrive Keys

In order to reset OneDrive, we just need to remove a couple of items from the Keychain Access utility. This utility is located in the Utilities folder (Finder, Applications, Utilities).

Once Keychain access is open, you type in “OneDrive” in the search panel on the upper right. The search results could be a variety of items. Just make sure they are related to OneDrive.

Reset OneDrive - Keychain Access

Reset OneDrive Script

Navigate to Finder: Applications. Right-click (or CTRL-click) the OneDrive application. When you do that, you should see the following menu appear:

Reset OneDrive - Package Contents

Select “Show Package Contents”. You will then see a list of folders and files within the OneDrive application.

Within the “Contents” folder, scroll down to the “Resources” folder.

Reset OneDrive - Resources

It is here in the Resources folder that I found the Reset OneDrive script. It’s called “ResetOneDriveApp.command”. Just double click it. The script runs in a terminal window which you can close when done; you may need to authenticate first.

Try launching OneDrive again and signing in from scratch.

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