Using the Office Deployment Tool

The main reason for needing to use the Office Deployment Tool is if you have a Microsoft Office ‘Click to Run’ application installed but need to then install a Volume License copy of Project for example. I’ve found the Microsoft instructions to be fragmented and not clear to follow so try these;


Download the tool here:

Install and extract the tool to 'C:\Office'

You will see a default folder containing the following folders;


You can write your own XML file should you wish however I suggest using the following Microsoft Tool which creates the XML for you: The tool will ask for key information such as x64 or x32, Office suite, Visio, Project etc. Select what application you need to install, for example ‘Project Standard 2016 – Volume License’, leave all other options set as ‘none’. You can likely leave the remaining settings default once you’ve set your language but feel free to take a look through them and set any that you require.

Once finished select export and give the XML a name, now copy the XML file to “C:\Office”. Open command prompt and change directory to C:\Office. Use the following commands;

Setup.exe /download “C:\Office\NameofXML.xml”

This will download the installation files to C:\office\office, once completed run the following command;

Setup.exe /configure “C:\Office\NameofXML.xml”

You should now see a Microsoft office setup application begin which will install the application selected in the XML creation process.


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