Client user permission settings

We make it easy for you to set up multi-user accounts so teams of any size can collaborate with ease.

Client permission settings are unique to each person added. It can be set up so clients are able to login just to view reports, or you can let them write and edit their email content.

Permission setting options

There are three options to choose from when providing account access to a client, as explained below.

Standard client access

Someone with standard access can:

  • create campaigns
  • send campaigns
  • run design and spam tests
  • manage subscriber lists
  • add subscribers and edit their details
  • access automation
  • see reports
  • see subscriber details in reports

Full client access

In addition to the items listed above, they can also:

  • change their company name, country, and time zone settings
  • import campaigns and manage their own templates
  • grant client account access to more people, or disable access for existing users.

Custom permission settings

This allows you to apply custom permission settings that suit the user. Below are three examples of custom settings appropriate for what each person needs to do, or see, in the client account.

  • Marketing Manager – Can create and send campaigns, manage lists and subscribers, and access campaign reports.
  • Graphic Designer – Can create and test campaigns, and import their own designs.
  • Freelance Copywriter – Can create campaigns and access automation.

The custom permissions you can choose from are:

  • Campaigns
    • Create campaigns
      • Send campaigns
      • Import their own designs
      • Build or import their own templates
      • Run design/spam tests
    • See reports
      • See subscriber details
  • Automation
  • Lists & Subscribers
    • Add new subscribers

Granting account access to clients

If we are setting up the access for you simply send us a list of full names and email addresses along with the permissions required.

Alternatively, if you have full client access, you can send login invitations as follows:

  1. Click "Settings and people". On the page displayed you'll see a section titled "People in <Client Name>."
  2. Click "Add another person" and enter their name and email address.
  3. From the "Permissions menu, select one of these options:
    • Standard client access
    • Full client access
    • Let me pick and choose (custom options)
  4. Click "Add <Name>" to save their permission settings and send the invitation email.

The client person's email address becomes their account username, and the email invite prompts them to set a login password.

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