How to reset a password with Hirens

  • Select "Mini Windows XP" from the boot options within the CD
  • Once loaded go to the start menu and select "HBCD Menu"
  • In the new window go to "Programs" then "Passwords >> Windows Login >> Renew password"
  • In the new Window select "Select a target" in the bottom right and find the "Windows" folder, highlight then and slect "OK"
  • Press "Renew existing Admin Password" down the lefthand side
  • Select the "Administrator" account and create a new password e.g. Password1
  • Press "Apply" in the top left
  • Press "Create a new Admin Account" down the lefthand side
  • Type an account name and password. e.g. Username : Cultrix Password : Password1
  • Press "Apply" in the top left
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