Memory assessments without opening the case

CentraStage tells you how much RAM a computer has, but it doesn't tell you
how many sockets it has and what chips are actually in them.

This has led to us sometimes ordering too many (or too few) RAM sticks for

I've been using the WMIC command from a server to remotely query any
switched-on computer. You can do this even when the user is online and it
won't affect them.

  1. Log on to server
  2. Open a command prompt
  3. Type wmic
  4. Type /node:hostname (where hostname is the target you're interested in)
  5. Type memorychip
  6. You'll get a list of what's physically in the machine. The memory is listed in bytes, which is a bit annoying, but it's clear enough. It's quite common for the newer Lenovos to 2GB as 1 X 2GB stick, which means that to upgrade them to 4GB you only need one 2GB stick. This output shows you exactly what's there.
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