Server reboot procedure

Where possible, any server requiring a reboot should be scheduled for out-of-hours. If this is not possible, or a reboot is required to resolve an urgent issue, the following process must be followed.

  • Arrange a suitable time with the client and advise at a minimum they have everything saved and closed, but ideally have logged out. Remember terminal servers where installed.
  • At this time check for any open connections to the server:
    • Computer management > Shared Folders > Sessions > Open Files
  • You can use the DHCP console to work out which computers are still connected if only an IP address is given.
  • Check if KB article exists with reboot specific information. If any shutdown requirements, process these.
  • Once confirmed everyone is out call the client to confirm you are now going to reboot and will call again once complete.
  • Reboot.
  • Check all automatic services are started.
  • If KB article exists with any startup requirements, process these.
  • Check for KB article on reboot specific information.
  • Call client and advise to log back in.
  • Check problem requiring reboot is resolved or continue with ticket.

The only time you can skip the call is if the process is being done out-of-hours. If a reboot is taking a while make another call to the client to advise (it's possible the server is performing a checkdisk on boot)

In the event that a server is inaccessible then still be sure to communicate regularly with the client, even if you have BIOS level remote control access.

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