What is an administrative email and an AUTH/EPP code?

When transferring a domain that doesn't end in .uk there is a process involving emails to authorise the transfer. The process involves:

  • The current domain host needs to unlock the domain
  • The current domain host needs to generate and issue an AUTH/EPP code (basically this is a password) and this is sent to the email address of person listed as the Administrative Contact on the domain name.
  • The new domain host needs to initiate an incoming transfer which will generate an email to the Administrative contact asking the to approve the transfer and provide the AUTH/EPP code
  • Once this is done, the domain will transfer to the new domain host over a period of a few days (up to a week)

It is therefore important that the Administrative Contact set against the domain is correct, predominantly the email address. This email address will receive the AUTH/EPP code and the email to approve the transfer and prove it is genuine by entering the AUTH/EPP code. Before initiating a transfer of a domain that doesn't end in .uk ensure the email address of the Administrative contact is one either you or another nominated person has access to.

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